Schema Compliant Voting Data and Guidance

Democracy Works, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, is dedicated to ensuring that every American has access to accurate and reliable election information and guidance. We research and verify data for thousands of local, state, and federal elections each year, providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and reliable details on how and when to vote.

Our web pages are schema-compliant and contain the structured data markup to provide rich search results.

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Election Pages

Election pages provide comprehensive and verified information about upcoming elections, including important dates and deadlines, key changes to the voting process, and actionable guidance based on the proximity to the date of the election. In addition to federal and state elections, these election pages also cover municipal, sub-municipal, county, and school board elections.


How to Vote

Our How to Vote pages answer many common questions around the voting process in each state, providing links to official state websites. Our Research and Government Affairs teams are constantly tracking changes to legislation that impact voting laws to ensure our guidance is accurate and timely.


How to Register

These pages include details on each state’s voter registration process and contain links to check a voter’s registration status or receive voter registration assistance.